Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Last of the crochet sessions and beginning the sculptures: Thursday

This weekend was the last of the 'Learn to Crochet' workshops at the LET space in Accrington Market Hall. Thanks to everyone who made it to the sessions, I've really enjoyed getting to know the locals and the market stall holders , thank you for your kindness and emthusiams for the projects.

Here are a few images from Thursday's session when I began the building of one of the sculptures that will hand in the LET space...

Just some of the crocheted pieces made at the Learn to Crochet workshops by the local community.

Starting to piece the sculptures together in the LET space...

The sculptres are formed around a super light polystyrene spheres. The free form crochet pieces are first pinned into the sphere , and then with invisible cotton, the pieces are sewed together around the sphere and the pinns them removes. Its a really lovely job to do, I love arranging all the colours and shapes. 

And by the end of the day the sculpture was coming along very nicely...

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