About Artyarn

ArtYarn is a collaborative knitting and crochet project coordinated by visual artist Rachael Elwell.  ArtYarn formed in 2008 and continue to collaborate with local community groups, world wide knitting and crochet networks and arts organisations to create gallery installations, public arts projects and creative craft workshops. 

ArtYarn are inspired by the versatility of knitting and crochet as an artistic media, as well as the traditional technical aspects of knitting and crochet. 
This supports the creation of highly crafted art works with a contemporary outcome. All ArtYarn projects reflect the artistic, social and historical contexts of knitting and crochet, and focus on the tactility of hand manipulated processes.  With this, ArtYarn explore individual creative expression and focus projects on devising ways to make knitting and crochet accessible through participatory making.

ArtYarn are based at Islington Mill Studios, Salford Lancashire (UK).

Past projects...

Here are a selection of images of  ArtYarn's past community and public arts projects:
(you can view ArtYarn's full CV Here)

 The Collective Tree Cosy  - Harewood House, West Yorkshire

 Yarn Forward  - Manchester Craft & Design Centre

 Knitted Nature  - Touchstones Rochdale Art Gallery