Sunday, 5 September 2010

Interesting sites ...

On Friday afternoon the lovely Caroline from Huckleberry Films gave me the grand tour of Accrington town centre. Being an Accrington girl herself, Caroline knew all the hotspots of the town and it was a really useful walk about for me as I now have a better idea of some spaces in the town where I can install the crochet sculptures, once they are build in early October.

I would like to place the sculptures in locations that correspond to John Flanagan's phase 1 project 'Mapping Accy', and also in keeping with the narrative of the  animation film of Accrington by Huckleberry Films.

I took a few photos of some interesting places around the town to be thinking about over the next few weeks, and I will be doing various pieces of research on each of these areas along side building the sculptures.

1) This hook for a hanging basket, outside Annie's Cafe in the Victorian Arcade, would be just perfect for a floral crocheted hanging - using the theme of Accrington named as a 'Floral Market Town'. 
Annie's Cafe has also been talked about lot's in the research carried out by Caroline and David for their animation piece. It seems like Annie's Cafe is right at the heart of a lot of the locals.

2) The Bee's Knees has been talked about lot's over the past few weeks. It is currently being renovated, and from what I have heard it has been a very popular watering hole for many a year. I'm currently digging deeper to find out more info about the Bees Knee's, so if you have any stories or memories please leave me a comment.

3) This is Accrington Library, and at the foot of the stairs sits this beautiful Owl statue...

I'm well informed that there will be an 'Owl' character in the Animation Accy film... so maybe this is a good location too for one of the sculptures.

4) And this spot is an unused ourdoor lamp at St James church. This could be an interesting, little hidden spot to place something rather beautiful. 
St James church is also one of the venues being talked about for a launch event later on in October when the projects come to an end.

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